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REFRIGERATOR MAGNETS pdf quilt block pattern


Image of REFRIGERATOR MAGNETS pdf quilt block pattern
  • Image of REFRIGERATOR MAGNETS pdf quilt block pattern
  • Image of REFRIGERATOR MAGNETS pdf quilt block pattern

Back by popular demand! This listing is for a PDF (electronic) pattern. Because of its photo tutorial format, this pattern is available exclusively as a PDF download.

This is a pattern for making quilt blocks. Please read the entire listing for more specific information about what is included in the pattern. Thank you!

Inspired by plastic letters scattered across a refrigerator door, Refrigerator Magnets includes 72 different (216 total) quilt block patterns for small, medium, and large letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. The blocks can be pieced together to create an endless variety of words and phrases for your quilt projects.

The pattern describes a unique piecing process using freezer paper templates. Unlike conventional paper piecing, the templates are not destroyed during the process, making it possible to use them multiple times. This process will also allow you to press all seams open, reducing bulk and allowing your blocks to lie nice and flat. The template patterns can be printed directly onto printable freezer paper sheets or traced onto freezer paper from a roll

The finished (not including seam allowance) height of most blocks is:
Small Blocks = 3" tall
Medium Blocks = 4" tall
Large Blocks = 5" tall

Refrigerator Magnets blocks are not all the same size. To ensure that the blocks can be combined to resemble standard text, the width of the blocks varies from 1/2" to 5", depending on the character and the block size. For instance, a letter i is naturally skinnier than a letter w. Additionally, a few characters such as letters g and y have descending parts, making them a little bit taller than the other blocks. The pattern includes information on how to combine the various blocks effectively.

Each block is made with background fabric and letter fabric. The background fabric is for the background or negative space in the block. The letter fabric is for the letter (or number or punctuation mark). You can make your blocks from just two fabrics (one for the background and one for the letter) or combine multiple coordinating fabrics for a scrappier look.

The amount of fabric you’ll need will vary depending on which block size and style you’re making. As a general guideline, any block in this pattern can be made with a 6” x 10” piece of background fabric and a 6” x 10” piece of letter fabric. In most cases, much less fabric will be required, making Refrigerator Magnets blocks a great scrap-busting project.

The pattern sheets are formatted for printing onto 8-1/2" x 11" sheets of printable freezer paper, which can be purchased in quilt shops. Alternately, the patterns can be traced onto regular freezer paper from a roll, which can be purchased at larger grocery stores.

The pattern's name was inspired by refrigerator magnets. However, this is a quilt block pattern that doesn't involve any actual magnets. This pattern includes templates and instructions for making 216 letter, number, and punctuation mark blocks. I’ve included basic information about joining the blocks together, but the pattern does not include instructions or diagrams for making finished quilts.

A link to download the pdf pattern will be automatically delivered via e-mail as soon as your payment is received. Please be sure to enter your email correctly, so the file will go to the right place. The e-mail you receive will include a link to download the file directly to your computer. Please note that the link will allow you to access the file a limited number of times, so please do not access the pattern repeatedly (for instance on your phone) without first downloading and saving it on your own computer. Lost files may be replaced for a period of 30 days following purchase. Thank you!

This pattern is intended only for personal, non-commercial use by home sewers. It may not be used to make items for sale.